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First Israir flight to Dubai from Israel

December 1 - Israel's first commercial flight with Israir took off for Dubai on a sunny Tuesday. Ynet reported that "the flight's 170 passengers took off on Israir flight 6H663 from Ben Gurion Airport to Dubai, in a cornerstone trip that further cements the relationship between Israel and the UAE, who signed a normalization agreement in the form of the Abraham Accords in September." Read more here. It comes almost a week after the first Fly Dubai flight landed in Israel and after Etihad announced flights from 2021. Netanyahu welcomed the first Fly Dubai flight on November 26. Around 300 total flights are expected in December with 50,000 passengers. This flight had 170 passengers. El Al has announced 14 flights a week. Fly Dubai has already added one flight a day, for three daily. The flight flew over Saudi Arabia a day after it became clear that would be acceptable. In addition we have a thread on the flight here.

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