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Massive demand for UAE-Israel travel

Reports indicate that the demand for travel between the UAE and Israel is going to overtake many other tourism routes to Israel. This is partly due to the new relationship and fascination that the new destination offers. In addition there is less uncertainty on this route due to Covid concerns, because both countries are so clearly invested in it.

The decision by Fly Dubai to begin flights on November 26 is part of the growth in travel demand, and it will be followed by El Al and Etihad and perhaps others. What looked lke 14 flights a week appears ready to expand to many more.

A tweet by Avi Mayer Managing Director of Global Comms for AJC Global noted on November 25 "Israeli media reports that Dubai has overtaken New York as the top vacation destination for Israeli travelers; 300 flights are expected to depart Tel Aviv for Dubai in December, carrying 50,000 Israelis; airlines are already adding more flights to accommodate demand."

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