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New Israeli Designer Watch to commemorate UAE Peace Accords, Israel Gulf ties

A luxury watch has been created that was inspired by Israel's accomplishments and the recent Israel-UAE Peace Deal. 

According to the details on the watch the crown on the side that adjusts the time is topped with a prominent Star of David, celebrating the unity of Israel, according to creator of the watch, Morris Weiss. "Incorporating high end horology design features often found in Swiss watches, the elegant automatic all-blue-and-white watch, called IDW, which stands for Israeli Designer Watch, comes in a limited edition of 300 pieces and boasts a transparent, individually numbered case-back, exhibiting the inner workings of the watch in a mix of brushed and polished steel. The mechanics of an automatic watch, as opposed to a battery-powered quartz watch, mean that the movement of the wearer powers the watch, a characteristic prized by watch lovers. The deployment buckle is the most secure of watch strap styles, allowing the wearer to place their hand into the bracelet and fold the watch closed," the company says.

The IDW watch, which stands for Israeli Designer Watch, created by fine watch entrepreneur Morris Weiss.


Fine watch entrepreneur Morris Weiss made aliyah 7 weeks ago and says he has been "mad about watches" since way before his bar mitzvah. He started his first venture aged 12 while at school in Manchester, a vending machine business. At 20, he began trading in watches from the likes of Swiss watchmaking’s biggest names including Breitling, Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre. In 2015, he set up The Watch Exchange which buys and sells pre-owned watches and has secured an online customer base spanning all five continents.

Partnerships in the Gulf

Founding member of the UAE Israel Business Council Justine Zwerling said: "There is no better time for business partnerships and friendships than now as the world looks to rebound from the pandemic. This is the time to create business partnerships between our two countries. We are living in unprecedented times where every day there are new announcements of business cooperation between our countries. The IDW watch is symbolic and captures how we far we have come in such a short time."

A new peace, a new watch

“The IDW watch is my personal expression of my love for Israel – the physical beauty of the land of Israel and the beauty that isn’t always seen, the sense of unity and brotherhood, a millennia-long resilience in the face of adversity and the contributions of the Jewish people to wider society, often disproportionate to our numbers. The new Peace Accords between the UAE and Israel bring with them a moment of enormous hope for the region, a time to reflect on our similarities – our shared passion for family, for thinking big, and for the finer things in life. I believe the Peace Accords will go a long way to help our nations understand each other’s way of life and way of doing business.” Weiss also added: “I’d love to see the IDW on the wrists of world leaders celebrating the Peace Deal. I’m now considering creating a watch with the Israeli flag and the UAE flag combined. I've even had some interest for a commemorative watch for Aston Villa’s shocking football score recently against Liverpool.”

As well as starting to source and sell watches within the Israeli market, Weiss now has his sights set on creating custom and special edition watches for corporate clients wishing to thank employees or mark milestones, a statement said.

Priced at £395, the IDW watch is available from

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