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NYT, WSJ cover new Israel-UAE ties, new trade and innovation opportunities

The New York Times covered the new Israel-UAE ties with a headline about entrepreneurs "falling in love" with the new normalized ties.

Isabel Kershner wrote: For years, Israeli entrepreneurs slipped in and out of the United Arab Emirates incognito, traveling on second passports or doing business through third parties.

So when more than two dozen Israeli high-tech executives turned up in Dubai recently, it was hard to miss them. Chatting away in Hebrew, they traipsed across the marbled expanses of the Dubai Mall and up to the V.I.P. observation deck atop the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Read the report here. Also the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about the new "open markets" of the Middle East and how peace is moving them to new heights. Andy Kessler wrote the following: “Once the Sand Curtain starts coming down, there’s no stopping it.” This from my friend Jon Medved, CEO of the Israeli venture-capital firm OurCrowd. He likens the Aug. 13 announcement of the Abraham Accords peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to the Berlin Wall falling and the end of the Iron Curtain. Within a few weeks, Mr. Medved had hired (via Zoom) a senior Emirati deal maker as his man on the ground and announced a $100 million deal with the Al Naboodah merchant family.

Read the full story. It comes in the wake of new reports about kosher options in Bahrain and a report that 79% percent of Saudis see a path to peace.

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