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Jewish Journal covers how Jewish voices from Arab lands can be bridge to peace

The Jewish Journal published an article about an important meeting hosted by an Israeli member of Knesset. “Transforming Trauma: How Jewish Voices from Arab Lands and Iran Can be a Bridge to Peace,” featured speakers from the United States and Israel and was hosted by Minister of Knesset Michal Cotler-Wunsh.

Read the whole article.

Speakers included:

-Sarah Levin, Executive Director of JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa).

- Ellie Cohanim, Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism under the Trump administration.

- Hen Mazzig, a Senior Fellow at the Tel Aviv Institute

- David Suissa, Jewish Journal editor-in-chief

- Sam Yebri, a candidate for Los Angeles City Council

- Seth Frantzman, Middle East affairs analyst at The Jerusalem Post

- Nira Levari, Director of Documenting at the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

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