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Five interesting articles on the Abraham Accords

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The following are a list of articles we have identified as of interest in looking at the background and current status of the emerging ties between Israel and the Gulf.

1. August 18, 2020: UAE, Israel business ties come out of the closet after agreement. Read the piece.

2. August 25, 2020: Top UN official says new peace agreements could change the Middle East. Read the piece.

3. September 1, 2020: Senior UAE official Jamal Al Musharakh says US made assurances annexation won't happen. Read the article.

4. October 5, 2020: UAE and Israel establish conferences partnership around GITEX meeting. Read the piece.

5. UAE-Bahrain-Israel Trade Forum t host virtual event on December 15. Read about it.

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