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  • Seth Frantzman

What you need to know about the F-35 program today

By SETH J. FRANTZMAN November 6 - Lockheed Martin put out key graphics relating to the F-35 program as it currently stands. This is a program I have covered frequently, for instance articles looking a how the US and Israel conducted three drills, called Enduring Lightning, in 2020 with the advanced 5th generation aircraft (other drills took place in spring and summer). I've argued for an F-35 alliance in the Middle East and written about possible sales to the UAE in October, and August. I've also examined why the jet matters so much for Israel during tensions with Iran.

Infographics put out by Lockheed Martin on November 6 illustrate the current status of the program, these include its global presence:

Also basic details about the aircraft and how many have been built and who is operating them.

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