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Watch: Jews and Israelis send greetings to UAE for National Day

An outpouring of support for the UAE in Israel has taken place on the country's National Day. Israel's Prime Minister, the city of Tel Aviv, and many others, including Rabbi Levi Duchman, sent greetings. See Rabbi Duchman's message in Arabic here.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the new relations were moving ahead rapidly and cooperation was growing in many fields. "When the UAE succeeds, Israel succeeds...together we are building a better future." He wrote "wish His Highness, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, and all the citizens of the UAE, our new friends, a joyous National Day. The fruits of peace are at hand for all our people." See his message here. Ellie Cohanim, the US Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, wrote on her personally Twitter account "Happy Birthday to the UAE! I am personally looking forward to visiting & one day hope to see the beautiful ‘Abrahamic Family House’-A campus holding a church, mosque & synagoge— bejng built in Abu Dhabi!"

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum wrote "Happy #UAENationalDay49 to our dear Emirati cousins. You can be very proud of the many achievements of your country in the last decades and we look forward to a future of friendship and mutual prosperity #AbrahamAccords." See here. Many others joined in the support from Israel and across the Jewish communities of the world.

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