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Report: Economy in focus as historic Abraham Accords gather strength

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Although it is only April, less than a year since the Abraham Accords, the outpouring of support and increasing ties continues to grow. This was especially true this week as more events commemorating coexistence and understanding took place and the first Etihad flight arrived in Israel.

A new article at ZDNET underpins the importance of the Accords and also looks at how economic issues are underpinning them. Read the full article by Damian Radcliffe here. He quotes a variety of experts including the Israel Gulf Report's Seth J. Frantzman.

"Some Israeli and UAE businesses began forming collaborations almost immediately after the two countries opened up relations," explains Nir Kouris, the Tel Aviv-based founder of Fintech Nation Global Summit and the UAE-Israel Fintech Week, is quoted in the piece.

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