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Oped: Greentech cooperation will underpin Israel-UAE cooperation

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Asher Fredman, writing in The Jerusalem Post, argues that "Israel's record as a country with regard to green standards and clean energy is a mixed bag, but its start-up ecosystem is at the cutting edge of greentech and cleantech." This could be big news for the UAE in the wake of the Abraham Accords.

He writes that in response to challenges "stemming from the country’s rapid growth, arid climate, and energy-rich economy, the UAE’s rulers have initiated several multi-year plans to not only improve the country’s environmental record, but to turn it into a global green leader. These plans include the UAE Vision 2021, UAE Energy Plan 2050, Dubai Clean Energy Strategy, Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s green building ranking systems, and the recently-approved environmental plan."

Read the article.

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