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November 2: Visa exemptions and sports agreements

November 2, 2020 news on UAE-Israel relations

November started off with a number of important developments in UAE-Israel relations. In addition to important delegations and important visits, a number of essential agreements have been discussed from sports to visas.

Chevron Middle East deals in spotlight as company reportedly eying importance of Israel,

Qatar and region.

AFP: From hummous to hi-tech: “After normalization of ties between the two countries, covert links between the Gulf nation and Israel’s flourishing technological sector are set not only to come to the surface, but actually expand.” Palm tree tech stands out here, “Ben Hamozeg is the founder and chief executive of Agrint, a company that uses seismic sensors to detect insects that eat — and destroy — palm trees from the inside.”

AP: “Israel’s delegation was led by big-time venture capitalist Erel Margalit and his entourage of 14 startup executives, photographers, foreign journalists and PR people; some Palestinian entrepreneurs had also flown with the delegation.”

Jerusalem Post: Israel defense companies to be at IDEX Feb. 21-25 in Abu Dhabi. Among those who will reportedly attend include IAI, Rafael, SmartShooter and Bird Aerosystems.

Media Line:  “A dozen Israeli and Emirati women – including Jerusalem’s deputy mayor and a Hebrew-speaking professor born in Abu Dhabi met last week in Dubai to discuss life, work and the future, creating a space to exchange cultural and business ideas.” For background on this see the Arab News report on October 9 and Israel HaYom on October 11.

TOI: UAE ratifies mutual visa exemption. Jerusalem Post: Israel receives permission to begin fruit and vegetable exports to UAE. Al-Monitor: New normal for UAE, Israel Palestinians.

Foreign Policy looks at the role of Mahmoud Dahlan in the UAE. Other news: Soccer leagues signed an agreement, as did lawyers groups about IBA conference, 28 weekly passenger flights in the offing.

F-25 News: Hurdles remain despite Trump support (CNBC) and White House attempt to move forward with sales, Biden team appears to say only Israel should have the plane (TOI), while “Democrats build speed bumps” in Congress (Defense News).

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