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Jpost: Thani al-Shirawi talks about new ties between Israel-Gulf

November 22 - An article at The Jerusalem Post by Greer Fay Cashman highlighted students at the Israeli School for Young Diplomats and the Israeli Center for Young Leadership (ICYL) hosting a talk by UAE businessman Thani al-Shirawi.

"Sounding very much like a Middle Eastern Herzl, Shirawi told the 153 students who participated in the Zoom program that, as far as he is aware, the UAE is the only country in the world that has a minister for tolerance and happiness," she wrote.

Read the full article here.

Shirawi said: “For too long we were adversaries, and it didn’t work. This is the time to give peace a chance and to become friends. When you negotiate with friends, it is very easy. This will be a peace that other countries will envy or follow. When you measure the dream and focus on it, every dream will be possible.”

Retired Israel ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, who runs the School for Young Diplomats, praised the event. The Jerusalem Post notes "Other participants in the event included Noam Katz, the deputy director-general for media and public affairs at the Foreign Ministry, and Hila and Snir Dolev the founders of ICYL."

Shirawi was mentioned in September during the first El Al flight to the UAE. The website Real Jerusalem Streets noted "Thani Al Shirawi, Deputy Managing Director of Oasis Investments, a founding member of the UAE Israel Business Council, is eager for the first open business deals. As he put it: 'It’s easier to do business with our cousins.' The Israeli-UAE business community has had connections for years, but not in the open. Israelis used passports from other countries to enter the UAE."

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