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New Bahrain Ambassador to Israel: Israel's Foreign Minister speaks with Bahrain counterpart

Bahrain has appointed Khalid Yusuf Al-Jalahma as its first ambassador to Israel. Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi spoke on Sunday, at the end of the holiday, with Bahrain's Foreign Minister 'Abd al-Latif al-Ziani ahead of the opening of the Bahraini embassy in Israel and the appointment of the first Bahraini ambassador to Israel, an Israeli statement said.

Foreign Minister Ashkenazi communicated to his Bahraini counterpart: "The decision of the Bahraini government to appoint an ambassador to Israel is another important step in the implementation of the peace agreement between and of the strengthening of ties between the two countries."

Khalid Yusuf Al-Jalahma

"Congratulations to H.E. Ambassador Khalid Yusuf Al-Jalahma on his appointment as Head of Bahrain’s Diplomatic Mission to Israel. I had the opportunity to work with the Ambassador when I was in DC and am excited for him to help usher in this next stage of the Bahrain-Israel relationship," said Ambassador Houda Nonoo.

Bahrain's Foreign Minister updated Minister Ashkenazi on the decision of the Bahrain government to open an embassy in Israel and sought Ashkenazi's approval for the appointment of Khaled Yousif Al-Jalahma (خالد يوسف الجلاهمة) to the post of Bahraini ambassador to Israel.

"Foreign Minister Ashkenazi welcomed the decision of the government of Bahrain and thanked the Bahraini Foreign Minister for his strong friendship, as well as for the courage and leadership of the King of Bahrain," Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The Bahraini Foreign Ministry sent an official letter to the Israeli Foreign Ministry with the request for consent to the designated ambassador.

"The designated ambassador has been the Director of Operations of the Bahraini Foreign Office since 2017 and served as Deputy Ambassador of Bahrain to the United States (2009-2013). After making the relevant procedures, Foreign Minister Ashkenazi approved the appointment of Ambassador al-Jalhama," the statement said in Hebrew. In the coming weeks, a team from Bahrain will arrive in Israel to make the necessary arrangements.

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