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Investment: 'OurCrowd strategy for the region is wide and long-term'

November 22 - Khaleej Times included an important interview with OurCrowd CEO and Founder Jonathan Medved. The article notes that a $100 million partnership had been reached with the UAE's Al Naboodah's Phoenix.

"We're not going to be investor tourists; we're going to be solidly built in the Gulf. Try 20 or 30 sectors; it's not just food-tech, logistics, and fintech but mobility security, drones, ed-tech, med-tech, smart-cities, you name it. It simply goes very, very broad and the good news is that Israel and the Emirates have technologies, interests and abilities in these areas. Both sides are going to be investing bilaterally," the article quoted Medved as saying. It goes on to note "While the Israeli founder predicted there would soon be $10 billion of bilateral business with the Gulf, the company’s new regional head, Emirati entrepreneur Sabah Al Binali believes the potential is 10 times that." Read the full article here. Also see social media coverage here.

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