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Hockey game between Israel and UAE teams

A unique hockey game has taken place between the Bat Yam Chiefs and Mighty Camels. This is important and an aspect of the many ways that ties are increasing. From music to new religious affairs, and 50,000 Israelis flying to Dubai, the sport ties are a major change for Israel in the region. It took place at the Dubai Mall rink on December 18.

See some of the tweets about it here.

Canada's Ambassador to the UAE, Marcy Grossman tweeted about the amazing event. "You are all Ambassadors for Peace. Hockey night in Dubai might be over but peace & goodwill endure. Israel won this round but stay tuned for more challenges from the UAE." See her tweets. See other tweets about it. Grossman has been a major supporter of the new peace between Israel and the UAE. She tweets frequently about this "front row" seat on history being made with the Abraham Accords. Canada is one of the world's major centers of hockey, whereas the UAE and Israel usually lack snow. The Might Camels tweeted "For the first time in history, a hockey match was held between the two countries, the UAE and Israel." See more tweets.

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