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Fleur Hassan-Nahoum: Bahrain delegation, the important role of interfaith dialogue and coexistence

In a momentous week for Israel-Gulf relations a delegation from Bahrain's King Hamad Global Center for Peaceful Coexistence held meetings in Israel. Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, deputy mayor of Jerusalem and co-founder of the UAE-Israel Business Council, met the delegation. She said "It was an honor to meet with the delegation from Bahrain this morning and welcome them to the city of Jerusalem. We had a wonderful conversation about the important role that interfaith dialogue and coexistence has in both of our societies. I am looking forward to meeting with them again soon in Manama.”

The group from Bahran met Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. Rivlin thanked them for coming and noted that Israel and Bahrain "value freedom of religion and tolerance. I thank the Kingdom of Bahrain for supporting peace and its Jewish community, and standing against antisemitism." He tweeted a photo.

The growing connections between Bahrain and Israel are underpinned by these kinds of institutional connections.

The delegation received support on social media and coverage in Israel. See more details here and here.

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