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First Fly Dubai flight lands in Israel, two flights a day scheduled as airline begins new route

A Fly Dubai flight landed in Israel on November 8, the first to Israel by the airline. The airline will operate two flights a day to Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport. There is a flight at 9:40am and then at 22:00 in the evening from Dubai International Airport (DXB) according to the airline website. The one leaving at 10 in the evening arrives at 23:55 after three hours and 55 minutes. Returning, one can choose the three hour and ten minute flight that leaves at 00:55 in the morning and arrives at 6:05 to Terminal 3. It is a B737-800 (FZ 1628). There is also a 12:35 that arrives at 17:45 (FZ 1164). When checked on November 9 airfares appeared to be in the $260-$360 range depending on which type of flexibility was desired and which date.

The flight was photographed and liked on social media. Details of the flight were known for weeks. Local media covered the first flight as well. Passengers included "174 businessmen and tourists flew on flight FZ8194 over Saudi airspace in the historic flight", according to Makor Rishon. The Jerusalem Post noted that tickets on this flight were at least in part "sold within three days by Emirati businessman Jacob Saba and the Israeli Gaya Tours company."

Saba was quoted as saying: "The mission to carry out the first flight was not simple...But we proved that nothing's impossible. If we decide to do something and invest in it, it's possible. This flight came to be because of a decision and faith in ourselves and G-d."

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