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Erel Margalit see hope growing from Israel-Gulf ties

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

“We did a lot with the community, and we did social initiatives and entrepreneurship,” he said. “The message to our companies was grow and find the opportunity to grow, and you saw the technology that resulted. Israeli hi-tech was so crucial to so many to continue to operate," said Erel Margalit, founder and executive chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners and the Margalit Startup City.

He spoke to The Jerusalem Post this week. The article notes that "Technology can also create bridges, he said, adding: 'Israel has created new chapters in country-to-country diplomacy and public and private initiatives, which take models of cooperation to next level and make it concrete.' Margalit founded JVP 26 years ago and is a pioneer in the venture-capital industry. It is a globally recognized brand that has raised $1.4 billion from institutional and private investors. This could play a major role in Israel’s new ability to work openly in the Gulf."

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