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Emirates and Etihad airlines pioneer IATA travel pass

Two United Arab Emirates airlines have partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to be one of "the first airlines" to adopt the IATA Travel Pass, both airlines said this week.

The report indicates that this mobile app will make it so passengers have a kind of "digital passport" to fly during the Covid era by verifying they have had a pre-travel test or vaccination. Flying has been difficult during this time because so many countries have differing rules for entry. Sometimes the rules change without a moment's notice.

The mass vaccination in the UAE, Bahrain, Israel and other countries could help enable the more efficient use of this pass.

"They will also be able to share the test and vaccination certificates with authorities and airlines to facilitate travel," it said in a statement. France24 notes that "in November, the association warned that 'the Covid-19 crisis threatens the survival of the air transport industry', with 2020 likely to go down in history as its 'worst' year ever." The UAE has suspended its visa-free travel with Israel until July 1.

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