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Day two of IDEX: Some Israeli booths hosted by locals, subsidiaries

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The important defense exhibition IDEX continued for a second day on February 22. Most Israeli companies, of which some 40 had registered, could not send people to attend due to an airport closure and no exemptions being made for them. Nevertheless Israel's Head of Mission Eitan Na'eh came and posed next to the Israeli pavilion on February 21. Although many Israelis could not fly the large group of companies included some activist. Emtam, which makes firearms, had someone sitting at its booth.

Drones and other defense, HLS and weapon systems hung from the ceiling or from displays. IMCO's booth was visible, as well as UVision and other companies. According to reports Uzi Rubin also addressed a panel. Arabian Aerospace reported that "Dr. Uzi Rubin from The Jerusalem Institute of Strategy and Security joined the conference online." He was a previous head of Israel's Missile Defense Organization. Israel has some of the best. air defense in the world and recently said it began work on Arrow-4 with the US.

Israel's IAI said they had a booth with locals at the event and people could speak to them virtually. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems booth was run by PAP, a Spanish subsidiary. Elbit Systems said that "due to the restrictions made by Israel government regarding flights, we won’t be operating our booth at the show." Others posted photos of the Israeli section here and here. One report claimed Aeronautics had brought its Orbiter-4 and showcased it.

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