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Concern that Israeli companies may not get permits to IDEX from Israel government

Some 40 companies and hundreds of their staff and others were expected to go to IDEX in Abu Dhabi on February 21. However reports on February 15 are leaving organizers and the companies baffled by the situation in Israel. Globes reported that The Ministry of Defense said, "Following the signing of the Abraham Accords the Ministry of Defense decided to take part for the first time in the Abu Dhabi defense exhibition with a delegation of dozens of people from the defense industries. Several days ago the Ministry of Defense contacted the exemptions committee of the Israeli government headed by the Minister for Regional Cooperation to receive approval to leave the country during the lockdown and was refused."

This leaves numerous important companies wondering what comes next. From IAI to Rafael to UVision, Aeronautics and IMCO, as well as ISDEF, part of the Avnon Group which is organizing the event, and many others, there is a sense of confusion. Israel closed its airport for a month in January. However Israel has allowed in some people under exemptions. Others reported the confusion that is taking place. It is the second such incident after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned a trip to the Gulf and then cancelled it several times. There are increasing concerns over Covid variants and other issues that have created travel chaos in the world.

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