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Bicyclists from Israel in UAE

“Competing in the UAE in the team uniform is an inspiring moment. Until recently, it would have seemed like an unrealistic dream,” said Goldstein. “In all honesty, I am still finding it hard to digest, but once I am on the start line, I will be fully focused on just one thing – helping the team win," said Omer Goldstein this week. Israel's cycling team which is called "Start-Up Nation" is competing in the 2020 UAE Tour according to numerous reports

Read more here. It is heralded as a breakthrough and another first for UAE-Israel relations. The team was able to travel despite Covid restrictions that kept many Israeli companies from attending IDEX. This is the one and only world tour race in the Middle East, reports say.

One report notes that "the squad named 'Israel Start Up Nation' will join others around the world at the Middle East’s largest cycling event where competitors will ride 148 kilometers through all seven United Arab Emirates, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi."

“After the initial shock to see the ‘Israel Startup Nation logo,’ some of them waved with friendly smiles and even asked for selfies,” the team said after a visit to a Dubai cycling park. Read more here.

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