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Bahrain makes unique kippah

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

During last week's unprecedented Purim event hosted by the AGJC a series of unique Bahraini Kippahs were on display. Ambassador Houda Nonoo wrote on Twitter, "wow, so many of you have reached out asking about the Bahraini Kippahs from last week's Purim event, and yes, these one-of-a-kind kippahs are made right here in #Bahrain. You can reach out to for more information about them."

“Over the last few months, we’ve experienced an influx of Jewish tourists who are coming to Bahrain and want to visit our synagogue (the oldest in the Gulf) and Jewish cemetery (the only operational one in the Gulf) and that interest has further increased since the announcement of the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities last month,” said Ambassador Houda Nonoo. “When they come visit, they often look for a souvenir to remember their time here. My cousin, Haydee Nonoo designed these kippot as a tribute to her late mother, Lily Bendahan.”

The red and white kippahs, the same colors of the Bahrain flag, are one of many firsts in the region. The head coverings say "House of Ten Commandments" on them. "The Jewish community in Bahrain devised a special souvenir idea for Jewish visitors and sewed the dome of the 'Ten Commandments' named after the synagogue in Bahrain, Bahrain," a new report notes at .

The kippahs are designed for “House of the Ten Commandments” which is the name of the synagogue in Manama (Bahrain).

“We designed these kippahs in honour of our late mother, Lily, to whom Jewish traditions and values were a significant part of family life, and who loved visiting Bahrain, the kippahs are hand made locally in Bahrain, and all proceeds will go towards charitable causes in her memory,” said Haydee Nonoo, founder of Lily B of LP Bahrain.

The kippahs are priced at BHD 4, or USD$10, plus shipping charges. For more information or to place an order, please email

Another report can be read here.

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