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Bahrain and Israel agree on mail transfer

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Bahrain and Israel moved forward in relations as they agreed to direct mail exchange. It came in a momentous week as the UAE's first ambassador to Israel presented his credentials to Israel's President.

Israel and Bahrain signed a peace agreement last year alongside the Abraham Accords. Over time many of the details and bureaucratic details need to be worked out, such as the first flights and first exchange of diplomats. Due to Covid many things have been slowed down or postponed. The mail agreement is an important symbolic step.

"We welcome the continued cooperation between postal authorities around the world, which allows for the expansion of e-commerce activities in Israel to additional countries for the benefit of our customers, with the trade agreements with the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain opening a window of new business opportunities for us," said Israel Post CEO Dany Goldstein.

Ambassador Houda Nonoo wrote "exciting news for #Bahrain & #Israel- today, a historic agreement was signed allowing direct mail exchange. This agreement will boost trade between our two countries. I am thrilled for the opportunities this will bring."

The historic exchange agreement means that starting on March 1 letters and parcels can be sent and received in the two countries. The agreement was signed at the initiative of the Ministries of Communications and Foreign Affairs of Bahrain and Israel.

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