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Arona Maskil: Understanding how to work successfully with your Emirati colleagues

In a new oped at The Jerusalem Post Arona Maskil writes that "by now, several significant collaboration initiatives have been signed between the UAE and Israel. The second stage, the operational part of the collaboration, is understanding how to work successfully with your Emirati colleagues and how the Western working styles differ from those in the UAE."

Read the article here. Maskil is a cross-cultural business consultant, with extensive experience in Israeli and UAE business culture and the founder of TrainingCQ. Her webite can be found here:

She makes several important points in the new piece.

For instance, she writes that "employees expect to form a strong bond with their manager, who will guide them and become, like their colleagues, an extended family. They do not expect constant feedback (which causes loss of face) or to be singled out for criticism."

She discusses the importance of sharing information. "Sharing Information – The flow of information in the UAE is controlled. Within companies, information flow depends entirely on the corporate culture. Big multinationals with offices in the Emirates usually have flatter structures and better systems of internal communication."

This is important as Israelis seek joint ventures and partners in the UAE and the Gulf. Some 130,000 Israelis went to Dubai after the peace agreement last year. An airport closure in Israel and lack of visa-free travel has slowed down the deluge, but after July many more are expected to go back and forth.

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