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Anwar Gargash to 'All Israel News' about need for Palestinian political solution

On December 8 the United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Foreign Affairs spoke to Joel Rosenberg in an interview posted on All Israel News. The important interview includes a section that highlights the UAE's approach to the Palestinian issue:

The Middle East has been for 40 years mired in conflict...If we are successful in implementing the Abrahamic Accords, and there is political solution between the Palestinians and Israelis, and we are creating more free trade at a time where you will see Israeli tourists and Israeli doctors here [in the UAE], and doctors working here – I mean, this was unheard of, but suddenly you will have people, not only Israelis, it’s also about Palestinians and Arab Israelis who would come here because they have a language advantage, they will come and work, they will see different things. I think there is a lot of potential, and I think this is why we need to work at it. It’s not only about, are we going to reach that $4 billion to $5 billion of trade? I think it’s about creating a new region, in my opinion.

This is important because it follows statements from other UAE officials. UAE Ambassador to the US Yousef Al-Otaiba said in August "today’s announcement is a significant advance for the region and for diplomacy. It immediately stops annexation and the potential of violent escalation. It maintains the viability of a two-state solution as endorsed by the Arab League and international community. It creates new dynamics and possibilities in the peace process. It bolsters the stability of Jordan."

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