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Alliott Global Alliance accountants agreement between UAE and Israel members

The Alliott Global Alliance signed a collaboration agreement between its members in Israel and the United Arab Emirates this week. Alliott Global Alliance has 185 members in 80 countries. It describes itself as “an alliance of independent, progressive, mid-market accounting, law and specialist firms. Our member firms are rich with talented and highly-experienced professionals who know their jurisdictions, practice areas, clients and alliance colleagues. The reach of the alliance extends deep into Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. We are more than just colleagues or members; we are a kinship of professionals.”

The group in Israel posted about the agreement on November 4. “The agreement was signed with an impressive presence, including the world chairman of AlliottGlobalAlliance from the UK, Vice-President from the United States and members from Africa, the UAE, Greece and Israel.” It included Colin Farmer, the Worldwide Chair from the UK, Giorgio Marcolongo, a regional chair from Italy, Founder and Managing partner Hadi Shahid in Dubai and Ouri Be’eri, the chair of Alliott Israel.

The statement pointed out that the Alliot Group in Israel includes 30 accounting firms nationwide. Be’eri said that the historic deal was important in breaking boundaries and promoting business. The new agreement provides for opportunities and fruitful business cooperation between the countries. The event was a first milestone in this emerging relationship and it reflects the “desire oof all parties for normalization and economic prosperity,” a statement said.

The agreement was in the works for several weeks and Be’eri said he welcomed the connections that have been forged at Alliott Global Alliance. The new agreement is an exciting opportunity to create peaceful relations between peoples and economies. Be’eri said he hoped that meetings and business opportunities will grow. Small and medium sized businesses represented by the group are thirty for meeting colleagues in the other countries.

Dr. Hadi Shahid, the Founder and Managing partner at Alliott in the Dubai in the UAE said that he was pleased with the agreement and saw it as a good opportunity to do business. Dr. Kaiser Anis the founder and managing partner of Alliott UAE in Abu Dhabi said that the middle East “provides us with a great many opportunities and challenges…I believe that we will soon visit each other and hold a special business conference for our clients.”

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