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A new forum #DigiAccords highlights peace between Israel, Gulf

Participants tweeted about the conversation

A new forum with the hashtag #DigiAccords included a Zoom discussion online between voices from the Gulf and Israel on November 16. The online meeting brought together a variety of voices from the Gulf and Israel. These included leaders in digital strategy, entrepreneurs, and social media digital activists. The Israel Advocacy Movement noted "We were honoured to take part in the launch of the #DigiAccords. A forum of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Israelis, Bahrainis and Emiratis working together to bring peace to the Children of Ibrahim. InshaAllah / B’Ezrat HaShem we will see peace throughout the region in our days."

Mohamed Al Maeeni wrote "Thanks to Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs , Minister of Tourism, for joining #DigiAccords which is a forum of Abraham Accords countries and friends." Israel's Minister of Tourism Orit Farkash HaCohen replied on Twitter "Thank you for being a voice of friendship ! It was a great pleasure."

Aviva Klompas wrote thanking Israel's Minister of Tourism for joining "Thank you Orit Farkash HaCohen, Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs & Minister of Tourism, for joining a forum of Abraham Accords countries (and friends!) to share an update on your efforts to promote collaboration and strengthen ties that advance the cause of peace."

Ido Daniel wrote "An amazing privilege to have Minister @FarkashOrit with us for the launch of #DigiAccords Forum for social media experts, along with our friends from #UAE & #Bahrain!"

Emily Schrader, author and founder of Social Lite Creative, tweeted "What an incredible meeting to have with fellow digital activists and influencers from #UAE and #Bahrain and #Israel! ! Can't wait to meet you all in person soon!"

Many others tweeted about the historic meeting, here and here and here.

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