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Wine from the Golan could be on its way to UAE

October 26 - Reports that Israeli wine could be exported to the UAE received attention in early November. The Jerusalem Post reported that "the wines will be sold through the local marketing company African + Eastern (A&E). The company is considered a major importer and distributor in the field of wine and alcohol in the Emirates and the Persian Gulf, and represents some of the leading wine and alcohol brands in the world." Reports show that kosher wine from South Africa was already sold in the UAE, but now Golan Heights brands Yarden, Gamla and Mount Hermon will be sold through African + Eastern (A&E), one of the largest importers of alcohol in the Gulf, Golan Heights Winery said in a statement. "This is a historic launch and we expect a successful and long-term collaboration with the Golan Heights Winery," A&E CEO Jason Dixon said, while Golan Heights Winery CEO Yair Shapira said the UAE was a market "with interesting and unique potential," reported Israel HaYom. Ynet added that Shapira said this would "open the gate" and introduce UAE residents and guests to the Israeli wine industry. Read the full report.

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